Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total quality management is a set of techniques for productivity improvement and quality in any form of company, especially in business field. It is a methodic approach created to elevate performance through all departments, referring to employees and suppliers, as well as company clients. In brief, it helps with  preventing mistakes that lead to inefficiency.

Poor quality is usually the result of poorly described and managed processes.

With the right systems to create and check quality, you have a greater chance of handling everything right and satisfying your customer.

1. Boosts Efficiency

The main aim of adopting Total Quality Management for a business is to improve process efficiency and achieve productivity, by getting rid of problems that come in work systems and processes. It refers to key areas that require modifications, excessive tasks, redundant processes, as well as unproductive inefficient activities.

2. Contributes to Customer Satisfaction

Another advantage of TQM regards to customer satisfaction. From this side it identifies the best quality to align with clients expectations, enhancing quality of products and services. By forecasting mistakes and bottlenecks in working processes, TQM focuses to deliver quality service to meet customer expectations.

3. Gives Clarity to Organizational Development

Total quality management also great for improving organizational development. It doesn't only target at making changes in training system for employees on the quality importance, but aims to eliminate mistakes in business processes as well. That's why having TQM in your business will make efficiency in production better.

4. Brings Agility

TQM aims at the organizing teams inside the company to enlarge knowledge between different departments. These changes can significantly enhance organizational development in general, and broaden employees' skills, leading to a better performance in every department.

5. Helps deliverer/customer satisfaction

Another benefit of implementing TQM in work processes is that it brings the rule of internal deliverer/client satisfaction. For example, the IT department has the responsibility to reply employees requests within a certain period. Avoidance of mistakes lets the company to save time and budget, which can be used for another internal processes.


Adopting TQM is costly for most companies since it requires to train employees, and bring changes to your business processes. However, it's a reasonable decision with the right IT company. Specialists at Inspire for Solutions Development can help you to implement all stages of TQM according to proper standards. With the right tools you will have "highest value at lowest cost" and focus at your profit and customers more.

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