Sungard AS Partner in Jordan


  Be Prepared With Sungard AS Business Continuity Software

When you manage a business, you have to be aware of the next possible disaster. It doesn't matter whether it's a localized threat – like burglary, data theft, fraud, or some other dishonourable attack – or a big imminent threat such as a natural disaster. You must plan for all of it.​

This can be quite an issue, no matter if  your company is rather small, or it's a global enterprise. What you need is an ongoing, harmonious program of strategies, plans, and procedures – so when disaster happens, you're fully prepared.​

With more than 35 years of expertise in disaster recovery and business continuity, Sungard AS is the perfect IT services partner, and Inspire for Solutions Development is proud to be its authorized partner in Jordan and the Middle East. With our collaboration we are able to deliver the best IT solutions and complex projects for you. Our clients will get:

  • An integral approach with software customized to your unique business requirements;
  • Great practices that are constantly developing in integration with modern technologies​;
  • Better alignment into security and risk management;
  • Organizational models that combine well business continuity, such as the move to decentralized teams​.

  Write Your Business Continuity Plan With Our Help

The trouble with the most of business continuity plans is an absence of real documentation – and therefore, when a disaster occurs, documentation is definitely what you will need. With correct documents written, you will be able to reach people (your employees, partners, top clients, etc.) to assure all your work processes are still under control.

Inspire for Solutions Development offers you Sungard AS business continuity software. Designed with a user-friendly concept in mind, this modern business continuity management solution eliminates the obstacles to organization-wide involvement and creates better confidence in your Plan B. It is more than only managing compliance requirements, it's about rallying teams to indentify the business threats and giving them permissions to solve problems locally before it may bring major disruptions.

You can have more information about Business Continuity Software and other Sungard Availability Services on their official website.

Also you can contact and discuss your needs with our specialists, as Sungard AS Partner in Jordan.